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GC-AutoFit is a web application that automatically identifies and quantifies metabolites using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) spectra. For optimal GC-AutoFit performance, the query GC-MS spectra should be prepared according to the instructions (How to collect GC-MS Spectra for GC-AutoFit). GC-AutoFit currently accepts .CDF and .mzXML file formats. It uses alkane standards to calculate the retention index (RI) of each peak in the sample. The extracted EI-MS spectra from each peak, along with the RIs, are then compared to reference spectra (RIs and EI-MS) in the specified library to identify and quantify the compounds. The inclusion of blank spectra is optional, however, it is useful for removing noise effects from the query spectra. Extensive testing shows that GC-AutoFit meets or exceeds the performance of highly trained human experts.